Web Site Policy

This document describes a policy which is being developed for the following societies, in supplying information and material, in particular for providing the following web sites ...

Ecclesfield Village Plan ecclesfieldgroups.co.uk
Ecclesfield Conservation conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com
Ecclesfield in Bloom www.ecclesfieldinbloom.co.uk
Ecclesfield Library CIO www.ecclesfieldlibrary.co.uk

Since each society controls and is responsible for its own site, the degree to which the policy has been adopted by any society must be assessed by examining that society's agenda's and minutes. Furthermore, although there are currently no special conditions, should one or more of the societies decide to adopt any, then this note will be amended, and the special conditions will override or add to these general conditions, but only for that particular society.

Irrespective of this however, when they supply information, place information on there web sites, or refer people to pages on their sites, members and officials of those societies may wish to refer their recipients (or browsers) to...
In doing this, the members or officials are applying the conditions given in this document (together with any other conditions they might mention), in return for supplying the information. Any rights to use the information (for instance by printing a photograph) are then conditional on the terms given herein. If these terms are not, or cannot be agreed to then the recipients should not copy or use the information. If at any time these terms are, or can no longer be applied, then any further use publication, or copying should cease.

In what follows, "We" "society" or "societies" refers to each of the above society. "Site" or "Sites" refers to The society's respective sites as indicated in the table above.

Web site disclaimer

The societies, and their webmasters cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions, either on their Sites, or on any of the destinations that their Sites may link to.

Furthermore, the mention of other organisations, or the provision of links to their web sites, does not mean that these organisations have been vetted or are recommended by any of the societies. It is therefore important to make sure that the information provided is correct and suitable for your requirements.

Linking to and copying material on these Sites

People using the Sites should be aware that they contain material which is copyright, and that some of these copyrights may not be owned by the societies concerned. Apart from any licenses that might be included, for instance in the EXIF information in jpg images, all rights under UK and International copyright law are therefore reserved.

However, we do welcome both links to the Sites, and links to their individual pages. People are also welcome to print out individual sheets or posters, unedited whole pages, or unedited part pages. Such pages will often contain the url of the Site of which they were part of. Also, the software used to print the page may add the url automatically. However, if neither of these applies, or if for any other reason the url does not appear on one (or more) of the sheets of the printout, then then the url of the Site should be legibly added and associated with that (those) sheet(s).

All pages linked to by the home page may also be crawled and indexed. Where all the requirements associated with both "fair dealing" and "implied permission" apply (as described below), then extracts and thumbnails may be derived and used.

Supplying photographs and other copyright material to the societies

We welcome photographs which we are permitted to publish, whether from members or others.

However, we request that people only send the Webmaster, and other officers of the societies, material for which they either own the copyright (E.g. because they took the photograph), or which the society concerned can publish  (E.g. because it is public domain). If material is sent which cannot be published, then we request that it be marked "Not for Publication".

We suggest that any material be sent with a copyright notice or license, saying what uses the copyright holder wish to permit. In the case of jpg images this can be adding to the EXIF "Comment" field. Otherwise, it can be included with the email to which the material is attached.

In Windows XP SP3, EXIF information can be added by right clicking the jpg file, selecting Properties, and then the Summary tab. Scrolling down to the "Comments" field allows licence information to be entered.

In Windows 7, it can be done by selecting the jpg file, clicking on the Organise >  Layout > Details Pane. Pulling up the horizontal bar will show the Comments field and allow licence information to be entered into it (See http://www.sevenforums.com/music-pictures-video/82642-how-search-jpg-metadata-specifically-comments.html).

If we can find no description or license, then we will take the supply of the material as an implied license to use what is submitted in accordance with that version of the society's default license pertaining at the time. This currently includes permission to place the photograph or information on the society's web site, and to submit it to a newspaper, such as LookLocal. In the case of jpg images, before any publication, we may add the following to the EXIF comment field to record this licence restriction...

    Licence https://ecclesfieldgroups.co.uk/go/1.0 <followed by the Society name>

We will use our best endeavors to comply with any copyright information supplied with any material we are given, or in the absence of this, the default licence. We will not knowingly delete licence information, and if we find that it has been deleted, for example by a photo editor, we will endeavour to add it back. Similarly, we will not upload jpg files that we can see contain EXIF copyright information, to sites which we believe to delete it ( Flickr and Facebook - http://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2009/03/26/adding-copyright-to-exif-automatically/ ).

For brevity, where applicable, we suggest that the licence or copyright notice consists of an Internet url such as one of those given below...

For example, if there are no identifiable people, in the photograph, and no other sensitive material, and the copyright owner wants to allow the photograph to be used without being bothered by further requests, then they may wish to insert the following link into the comment field, to indicate that they wish to place the work in the public domain...

Alternatively, if there are any identifiable people in the photograph, or other sensitive material, then photographers may prefer to indicate that they are only allowing restricted use, by including the following ...
    Licence https://ecclesfieldgroups.co.uk/go/1.0 Conservation

Note that in this case a reference to the name of the society concerned can be placed after the url.

Two or more societies can be referenced by appending the names of the society which the copyright holder wishes the license to refer to.

All or any society in Ecclesfield Village can be referred to by appending the words "Ecclesfield Village".

Policy on photographs containing identifiable individuals

We use our best endeavors not to take or use photographs...

...containing identifiable individuals in places which could be deemed private, unless we believe that we have the permission of all such identifiable individuals;

...of children under the age of 18, unless we believe that we have the permission of the parent or legal guardian;

...identifying people who have told us that they do not like their photograph taken.

We also use our best endeavors to comply with any request to remove photographs from the Internet and to cease publication, that might at any time be made by anybody who appears on, or whose name is associated with those photographs.

To that end, this policy is to restrict all publication of photographs identifying individuals to, at widest, the default licence restrictions at the link above.

Policy on naming individuals

We try to ensure that we only name individuals who are public figures; have official posts; are attending in an official capacity; or for an organisation, company, or trading entity. If any individuals object to being named, then we will endeavour to remove the references. Otherwise, members and visitors etc may be described by ambiguous terms such as initials.

Policy on web site photographs, and other published information

We use our best endeavors to ensure that we comply with International copyright law. This includes the Berne Convention and the requirement that exemptions to copyright law do not conflict with a normal exploitation of the work and do not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the author.

The aims of some of the societies, and therefore some of the Sites, includes informing people in Ecclesfield about the work of others. To do this effectively, it is necessary for the societies to scan other web sites and derive extracts such as urls, headings, information, and thumbnails.

If owners of any copyright material that might appear on such sites, do not wish this to be done, then they can arrange that web sites containing their material use the standard "robots.txt" method to prevent it. All they need to do is to set the default access property for either the whole site, or the page concerned, to "Disallow". (An introduction to the robots.txt file can be found http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/robots.shtml)

In particular, if we use, derive, or display thumbnails from larger images for which we may not hold the copyright, then we use use our best endeavors to ensure that we have "implied permission" to derive and display any such thumbnails under European law, and that all of the following applies ...

1. The images have been displayed on a publicly available web site by the copyright owner, or with the apparent permission of the copyright owner.

2. The root directory of the web site on which the image was found does not contain a file named "robots.txt"; or if it does contain such a file then that file does not set the default access property for either the whole site, or access property for the page on which the image was found, to "Disallow".

3. We provide a link or other acknowledgment to the source.

(See http://ttlfnews.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/german-federal-supreme-court-finds-that-google%E2%80%99s-image-search-does-not-infringe-the-rights-of-copyright-holders/ or http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2011/10/second-bgh-decision-on-google-image.html for reports of a case which we believe forms part of the relevant European case law)

In addition to complying with European law, we also use our best endeavors to ensure that everything we do complies with US copyright law. For example, if we use, derive, or display thumbnails from larger images, then we try to ensure that what we do also complies with US "fair dealing" provisions and that all of the following applies ...

5. Purpose and Character: Our use is transformative, not commercial, and does not replace the original.

6. Nature of the copied work: The works have already been freely published elsewhere, and we provide a link or acknowledgment to the source whenever this is known.

7. Amount: we only display sufficient material for our purposes - E.g. a reduced resolution, or thumbnail image.

8. Value: There appears to be no harm to the copyright holder(s) as a result of what we are doing.

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use for an explanation of the above, and https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2007/05/p10-v-google-public-interest-prevails-digital-copyright-showdown for a report of a case which we believe forms part of relevant US case law)


Anybody who has agreed to receive material from any of the societies by email (such as in Ecclesfield Conservation's minutes and agendas), and anybody downloading or displaying the material, should be aware that the Societies do not claim to own the copyright to all the material that may be included. Furthermore, the societies do not indemnify the recipient against any action resulting from the use of this material. It is therefore suggested that any further use of this material is restricted to single copies, made for personal use or for research, and is strictly non-commercial.

Data Protection

See the section of the Ecclesfield Conservation's Constitution, headed "Data Protection Act" for the policy on this.


Browsing these Sites

Please report any problems browsing these sites to .

Our web host https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/ cannot yet offer SSL secured (I.e https) sites. Until they do, what you see on the screen could be intercepted and changed.

Due humility

The above policy is not meant to be final, fixed, or in any sense "correct". Instead it is recognised that different generations, different societies, and different parts of the Internet have very different attitudes, techniques and therefore policy requirements. Instead, it is merely hoped that for the societies above, at the moment, having this policy to refer to is better than having no policy.

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