Ecclesfield Street Dusters (Acting and campaigning against litter and graffiti in Ecclesfield Village)
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    Summer 2016 litter pick   

One band of merry litter pickers tackled the park, while others tackled the Ladycroft foot path, and stream. The results were really worth it, as you can see from the photograph.
We thank our local co-op for taking the rubbish, without which disposal would have been difficult.

    Spring 2016 litter pick   

Postponing the Street Duster's spring litter until 7th May ensured a fine sunny day, and allowed 25th Ecclesfield Scout and Beavers to join us
    Summer 2015 litter pick   

This year's summer litter pick was particularly easy. This was partly because the "Parks Group" cleaned up Ecclesfield Park, enabling us to concentrate on the High Street, Ladycroft and other areas, and partly because the village was noticeably tidier than on previous litter picks. I don't know whether we have the people who I know regularly pick up rubbish to thank for this, or whether we have all become tidier. Whatever the reason, because of it we had time to do some pruning to make the paths from St. Marys Lane down to the Park more accessible.

We had great time on 20th September 2014. The ground was muddier, and the litter was heavier than usual, but lots of litter was collected, so an extra thank-you is deserved by everyone who took part.
We have just noticed that Hartley Brook is to be cleaned up, with "All Welcome" events on Wednesday 12th March and Sunday 16 March 2014, as part of Sheffield City Council's "big-community-clean-up" at "tongue-gutter-hartley-brook-ecclesfield-road".

We have now arranged for commercial insurance following the closure of Sheffield's Bloom, Education and Environment team.
    Autumn 2011 litter pick   

Our autumn litter pick was on 2011-10-29 (Saturday). If anybody took photos, and emails them to, then we will put them up here
    Spring 2011 litter pick   

The team assembles ...
The team assembles ...bags the rubbish ...
Away with the Rubbish ...and finally, gets a result.
Away with the Rubbish

If you want to be kept informed, or know of any litter or graffiti problems in Ecclesfield Village, then please email us at

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