Installation Details

Location of the monitor

St Marys Lane,
South Yorkshire,
S35 9YE.

Latitude 53.442
Longitude -1.469 ( Google maps)
Distance from kirb: 4 metres
Height above sea level 89m
Height of monitor above road 1.95 metres
The sensor is mounted on a South-West facing wall.

Pollution Sensor

Possible pollution sources

The major industrial pollution sources around Ecclesfield closed many years ago, however ...

National averages

The UK's population average PM2.5 concentration has fallen from about 16ug/m3 in 1970 to about 7.5ug/m3 in 2010 (ignoring temporary weather effects), resulting in the estimated number of deaths this pollution contributes to falling from 11.83% to 5.21% of all deaths.

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