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Ecclesfield Events

To suggest an  outdoor  or  indoor  event in Ecclesfield Village, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, GB, email details to
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13 Jul 2024 10:45 (approx). COFFEE & CHORDS.

A morning of free musical entertainment with Alan Wood, Daz Barry and Clive Hudson, hosted by June Flude (since Welsh John is unable to attend) in the coffee lounge of the EPPiC Theatre, Well Lane (off the High Street), S35 9TP. Click on ; or call in to one of our Saturday coffee mornings in the theatre lounge for details. Admission is FREE, but sale of refreshments helps EPPiC Theatre funds. The theatre is open on this and every Saturday from 10am
Gatty Hall 2 Sep 2024 19:00. Ecclesfield in Bloom
is meeting in The Gatty Memorial Hall, Priory Road, S35 9XY. Attendance is free. Just go to the Green Room on the first Tuesday of the month, (but note that the July meeting was canceled and there is no August meeting). See




Enable images to see a thumbnail of the entrance to the Community Garden Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00 Community Garden, is starting to sell (in July) potatoes and rhubarb (behind the bowling green in the park), and is growing lots of other things for later in the year. See the Community Garden, web page


Enable images to see the photograph Friday 8:00 - 13:00 (approx) Fruit and Vegetable Market. A weekly open air market at Market Place, Chapeltown (between the WMC and the railway line, S35 2UU). Lots of vegetables and fruit etc, including onions, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts on the stalk. Also blueberries, eggs, cakes, biscuits, books, and bric-a-brac.


Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 Community Garden, (behind the bowling green in the park). See the Community Garden, web page
Enable images to see the photograph Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 EPPiC Coffee Mornings. Join us on the first floor lounge of the , Well Lane, for Tea, coffee and cakes
Saturday 8:30 - 13:30 Chap Market (between the WMC and the railway line, S35 2UU). The general market and some of its regular stalls, (including the bakery) are back. See Chap Market's Facebook page, for more information
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This site was set up, thanks to people in the village filling in their 2007 Village Plan (EVP), survey forms saying that they wanted more information about events in the village. The Village Plan also started several special interest groups, including the old Scrubbers/Dusters and their litter picking efforts, whose website has been moved to the link above. The major tools and services used to maintain this and other sites are described at hosting.

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