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Events in Ecclesfield

All the events that were listed here have been postponed, canceled or are in doubt. We will try to include more specific information as to what the groups are doing this becomes available, and list new dates as soon as we are told that events have been rescheduled.


Click to see a list of events in Ecclesfield library or the latest edition of LookLocal, copies of which may be available in the Library or Mobri's bakery.
To suggest an event, just email details to

There is also a graph of the level of Blackburn Brook outside Morrisons showing the level at which it floods, and real-time maps showing any current lightning strikes, PM10 and PM2.5 air pollution. Finally, there are maps of traffic in the village and its surrounding district.

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There is also a list of past events, web sites for nearby villages, and a list of shelters in Sheffield, nearest foodbank, or 2019 election results for our Penistone & Stocksbridge constituency.

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This site was set up, thanks to people in the village filling in their 2007 Village Plan (EVP), survey forms saying that they wanted more information about events in the village. Although some people said they preferred the information online, others said they preferred to see it on a noticeboard. We therefore periodically put printouts of this page in the entrance to the Library, Morrisons Supermarket, and the noticeboard near the car park opposite to the Supermarket.

The Village Plan also started several other groups, including the original Scrubbers/Dusters litter pick group, whose website has been moved to the link above.

Neither EVP, nor the maintainer of this site are the organizers of any of the events above, and cannot therefore take responsibility for the conduct, safety, or appropriateness or the events. This website does not claim to list all eligible events, and cannot guarantee that the details which appear on any of its pages are are up to date or correct.

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